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Tutorial to learn Narayaneeyam dasakam wise with meaning along with audio

Tutorial   to learn Narayaneeyam dasakam wise   with meaning   along with  audio


( Without the contribution of two  people, this venture  would not have been possible  without the contribution of people.Millions of my thanks to both of them
1.Jayashree of Mumbai   who maintains a blog called
From where I got the entire Narayaneeyam text typed in Sanskrit    and English.  I did inform her and she said it was ffine.
2.Smt  Lakshmi Venkatraman of  Chinmaya Mission,  Madipakkam , Madras   who has   recorded  Narayaneeyam  Dasakam wise  ,I do not think that  any one else has done it, I just took it from her ,I could not inform her .All her recordings could be seen in

Narayaneeyam  is a Sanskrit Summary  of Maha Bhagawatham written by Meppathur  Narayana  BHattathiri. He wrote it  in front of Lord Guruvayurappan   to get  cured   of his paralysis .Though  it was  very famous  in Kerala   among Malayalam speaking people , very few people  knew about  it outside  Kerala.  The great Savant  Sengalipuram  Anantha Rama  Deekshiithar , who himself  got  cured of Arthritis  by reading  Naayaneeyam  popularised  it   in Tamil Nadu  .  The   seed that he planted   have  now become a  tree. There are no localities  of any town in Kerala  and Tamil nadu  or villages  , where   there are   regular classes  being held  to teach  recitation of this  great book .These   are mainly   conducted by ladies for ladies  in their spare time.
    This iis an  on line guide  to learn Narayaneeyam    It has  dasakam wise  , text in English, Sanskrit  , english meaning   and audio   by  an expert lady   who has been teaching  Narayaneeyam to others .Using all this   people   can   learn  the entire  Narayaneeyam   in their spare time 

God Guruvayurappan    would bless them

Dasakam                                                        URL for text, meaning  and audio

1 . Greatness of God
2.Sweetness  of form of God
3.Prayer for devotion
4.Eight fold yoga
5.The birth  of mega  essence
6.Virat  Purusha
7.Penance of Brahma
8. Deluge  and birth of Brahma
9.Penance of Brahma
10.Variety in creation
11.Birth of  Hiranya  Kasipu
12. Varaha  Avathara
13 Killing of HIranyaksha
14. Kapila  incarnation
15.Teachings of Kapila
16. Incarnation  of Narayana
17.Story of Dhruva
18,Story of Pruthu
19. Story of Prachetas
20.  Story of Rishabha
21.Nine continents  and seven islands
22. Sermon of Ajamila
23. Story of Daksha  and Chithrakethu
24. Story of Prahladha
25.Incarnation of  Narasimha
26.Salvation of  king of elephants
27. Churning of milk ocean
28. Birth of  Lakshmi   as well as  Amrutha
29.Stealing of Amrutha
30. Incarnation of Vamana
31. Humbling of Maha Bali
32.Mathsya   avathara
33.Story of Ambareesha

34, Story of Rama till he meets Hanuman
35.Story of Rama  after meeting Sugreeva
36.Incarnation of Parasurama
37.Happenings leading to birth of  Krishna
38.Incarnation of Krishna
39.Coming out of Yoga maya
40.Salvation of Poothana
41.Cremation of Poothana
42.Killing of Chakatasura
43.Killing of TRinavartha
44.Naming  ceremony of Krishna
45.Childhood pranks  of Krishna
46.Yasoda   seeing world  in  mouth of Krishna
47. Krishna   tied to mortar
48.Freeing of  Khubera’s son from curse
49.Entering  in to Vrindavana
50. Killing of Bakasura
51.Killing  of Aghasura
52. Destroying  of pride of Brahma
53.Killing of Dhenukasura
54.Coming of Kaliya   to Yamuna
55. Krishna dancing on head of Kaliya
56. Destroying  pride  of Kaliya
57.Killing of pralambasura
58.Saving   from forest fire
59.Song of the flute
60.Stealing cloth of Gopis
61.Blessing wives of Brahmins
62.Worshipping Govardhana
63.Lifting of Govardhana
64.Anointing of Govinda
65.Close contact of Gopis with Krishna
66.Joy of Gopis
67. Destroying  pride of gopis
68.Extreme joy of Gopis
69.Rasa Kreeda
70.Sudarshana SAnkhachooda  and Arishta
71.Killing of Kesi  and Vyomasura
73.Travel of  Krishna   to Mathura
74.Entering in to Mathura
75.Killing of Kamsa
76.Sending message through Udhava
77.Killing  armies of Jarasandha
78.Getting letter   from Rukhmani
79. Abduction of Rukhmani
80. Story of Syamanthaka
81. Marriage  of Kalindhi ,  stealing  of Parijatha
82. War with Banasura
83.Killing of POundra  Vasudeva
84.Journey to Samanthaka  panchaka
85.Killing of Jarasandha and Sisupala
86.Killing of Sala and Maha Bharatha war
87.Story of Kuchela
88.Santhana  Gopalam
89.Story of Vrukasura   and killing of Brugu
90. Establishment  of Greatness of Vishnu
91.Greatness of devotion to God
92.Devotion mixed with action
93. Twenty four Gunas
94. Generation of wisdom of Philosophy
95.Method of Dhyana
96. Power centres of   God and Bakthi
97.Prayer for model devotion
98.mEDitating on Brahman
99 The prayer   of the Vedas
100  Description of God from head to foot

Sarva Karya Sidhi by reading /hearing some Dasakams of Narayaneeyam

Sarva  Karya   Sidhi 

by reading /hearing  some Dasakams of Narayaneeyam-

please share   with your friends

(Today I completed rewriting  my translation of Narayaneeyam , with Sanskrit  and english text   and audio of each dasakam. I am giving below the effect of hearing /reading different Daskams(Chapters) as mentioned in the Narayaneeyam book published by Giri Traders .Share it with your friends (please)   .When a person needs it  , copy the concerned  and send it to him by Whatsapp .
Copy   and keep this treasure carefully  )

Effect of hearing /reading  some dasakams  of Narayaneeyam

Dasakam  2  Would be respected in heaven .

Dasakam 12 Would get great positions in life

Dasakam  13 Would get wealth long life and fame

Dasakam 15 Would reach the lotus like feet of Vishnu

Dasakam 16 Would get long life , Committed sins would be destroyed

Dasakam 17 Dangers to life can  be avoided

Dasakam 18 Would get victory, would be blessed with children

Dasakam 19 Would be blessed with detachment

Dasakam 22 Mind would not get attracted by bad actions

Dasakam 23 Would get rid of fear, sins would be destroyed

Dasakam 24 Would be blessed with detachment

Dasakam 25 Would be protected again dangers

Dasajam 26 Would get rid of sins , mind will be firm when dangers come

Dasakam 27 and  28 Would be victorious in all jobs, would get great fame

Dasakam 30 and 31 Would get rid of all sins, would get salvation

Dasakam 32 All desires would be fulfilled

Dasakam 33  Devotion would increase

Dasakam 40 Devotion would increase
Dasakam 51 All wishes would be fulfilled

Dasakam 52 All wishes would be fulfilled

Dasakam 60 (1-3 stanza) Would get married quickly
Dasakam 69 Would get great devotion, ignorance would be wiped out

dasakam 80 Sins would vanish, Gossip will not defame

dasakam 82 Would get victory in all jobs

dasakam 83 All sins would vanish

dasakam 85 Problems in life would vanish

dasakam 87 Would get wealth, Would get detachment

Dasakam 88 Problems would get solved

dasakam 89(Stanza 7-10) Would get salvation, problems would not occur

97 Would get detachment

Dasakam 100 Description of God from head to foot

Narayaneeyam Dasakam -100

Hear this Dasakam  100

Dasakam 100 Description of God from head to foot.

(This is the last chapter of Narayaneeyam. This describes the poet’s description of God as he saw him in front of his eyes while writing this chapter. The last line of Narayaneeyam is “Long life, Health and happiness.”)

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 01

अग्रे पश्यामि तेजो निबिडतरकलायावलीलोभनीयं
पीयूषाप्लावितोऽहं तदनु तदुदरे दिव्यकैशोरवेषम्
तारुण्यारम्भरम्यं परमसुखरसास्वादरोमाञ्चिताङ्गै-
रावीतं नारदाद्यैर्विलसदुपनिषत्सुन्दरीमण्डलैश्च ॥१॥

agre pashyaami tejO nibiDatara kalaayaavalii lObhaniiyaM
piiyuuShaaplaavitO(a)haM tadanu tadudare divyakaishOraveSham |
taaruNyaarambharamyaM paramasukha rasaasvaada rOmaa~nchitaangaiH
aaviitaM naaradaadyairvilasadupaniShat sundarii maNDalaishcha || 1

In front of me, I see a halo of light,
As pretty as a very dense bed of blue lilies,
Which made me feel that I have been,
Drenched by a shower of the sweet nectar,
And then I saw in between that light the form of a divine lad,
Who was pretty due to the budding of adolescence,
Who was experiencing the thrill of supreme bliss,
As seen by his hair standing erect on all his limbs
Who was surrounded by Narada and other sages,
As well as by a bevy of extremely pretty damsels,. 100.1

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 02
 नीलाभं कुञ्चिताग्रं घनममलतरं संयतं चारुभङ्ग्या
रत्नोत्तंसाभिरामं वलयितमुदयच्चन्द्रकै: पिञ्छजालै:
मन्दारस्रङ्निवीतं तव पृथुकबरीभारमालोकयेऽहं
स्निग्धश्वेतोर्ध्वपुण्ड्रामपि सुललितां फालबालेन्दुवीथीम् ॥२

niilaabhaM ku~nchitaagraM ghanamamalataraM samyataM chaarubhangyaa
ratnOttamsaabhiraamaM valayitamudayachchandrakaiH pinchChajaalaiH |
mandaarasra~N niviitaM tava pR^ithukabariibhaaramaalOkaye(a)haM
snigdha shvetOrdhvapuNDraamapi cha sulalitaaM phaala baalenduviithiim || 2

I am seeing your big bundle of blue tresses,
Which is curly, dense, pure and pretty,
Which is tied together by a garland of Mandhara flowers,
Which is extremely pretty due to your crest jewels,
Which is encircled with a cluster of peacock feathers,
With their shining and glistening eyes,
And I also see your pretty forehead,
Comparable to the crescent moon on the fifth day*,
On which there is a white vertical sandal paste. 100.2.
*after the new moon

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 03
 हृद्यं पूर्णानुकम्पार्णवमृदुलहरीचञ्चलभ्रूविलासै-
रानीलस्निग्धपक्ष्मावलिपरिलसितं नेत्रयुग्मं विभो ते
सान्द्रच्छायं विशालारुणकमलदलाकारमामुग्धतारं
कारुण्यालोकलीलाशिशिरितभुवनं क्षिप्यतां मय्यनाथे ॥३॥

hR^idyaM puurNaanukampaarNava mR^idulaharii cha~nchala bhruuvilaasaiH
aaniila snigdhapakshmaavali parilasitaM netrayugmaM vibhO te |
saandrachChaayaM vishaalaaruNa kamaladalaakaaramaamugdhataaraM
kaaruNyaalOkaliilaa shishirita bhuvanaM kshipyataaM mayyanaathe || 3

Oh Lord , let your eyes ,which cools the entire world by its merciful looks.
Which are made more prettier by your eye bows which move,
Like the small tides of the completely filled ocean of mercy,
Which are further made prettier by the black gleaming eye lashes,
Which eyes are having the shape petals of red lotus,
And within those eyes are the extremely pretty pupils,
May be turned on me who does not have any one except you. 100.3

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 04
 उत्तुङ्गोल्लासिनासं हरिमणिमुकुरप्रोल्लसद्गण्डपाली-
प्रीतिप्रस्यन्दिमन्दस्मितमधुरतरं वक्त्रमुद्भासतां मे ॥४॥

uttungOllaasinaasaM harimaNi mukura prOllasad gaNDapaalii
vyaalOlatkarNapaashaa~nchita makaramaNii kuNDaladvandvadiipram |
unmiiladdantapankti sphuradaruNatarachChaaya bimbaadharaantaH
priitiprasyandi mandasmita madhurataraM vaktramudbhaasataaM me ||4

Let me able to see clearly your very sweet face ,
With a well raised and shining nose,
With the pair of shining gem ear studs
In the shape of fish worn on your pretty ears,
Whose reflection on your blue sapphire cheeks
Shines as it moves hither and thither,
And with a gentle smile between
The slightly parted red cherry lips of yours,
Revealing the sparkling rows of your white teeth . 100.4

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 05
 बाहुद्वन्द्वेन रत्नोज्ज्वलवलयभृता शोणपाणिप्रवाले-
नोपात्तां वेणुनाली प्रसृतनखमयूखाङ्गुलीसङ्गशाराम्
कृत्वा वक्त्रारविन्दे सुमधुरविकसद्रागमुद्भाव्यमानै:
शब्दब्रह्मामृतैस्त्वं शिशिरितभुवनै: सिञ्च मे कर्णवीथीम् ॥५॥

baahudvandvena ratnOjjvala valayabhR^itaa shONa paaNipravaale
nOpaattaaM veNunaaliiM prasR^ita nakhamayuukhaanguliisangashaaraam |
kR^itvaa vaktraaravinde sumadhura vikasadraagamudbhaavyamaanaiH
shabda brahmaamR^itaistvaM shishirita bhuvanaiH si~nchame karNaviithiim || 5

May you cool my ears with the nectarine divine music,
Consisting of very sweet and well played melodies,
Which cools the entire world , emanating from,
The holes of the flute held by your two red soft hands,
Which are decorated by the bangles inlaid with precious gems,
And which have acquired a multi coloured hue due to contact of your fingers,
And which is kept very near your lotus like face ,
By the shifting touches of your radiating fingers . 100.5

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 06
 उत्सर्पत्कौस्तुभश्रीततिभिररुणितं कोमलं कण्ठदेशं
वक्ष: श्रीवत्सरम्यं तरलतरसमुद्दीप्रहारप्रतानम्
नानावर्णप्रसूनावलिकिसलयिनीं वन्यमालां विलोल-
ल्लोलम्बां लम्बमानामुरसि तव तथा भावये रत्नमालाम् ॥६॥

utsarpatkaustubhashriitatibhiraruNitaM kOmalaM kaNThadeshaM
vakshaH shriivatsaramyaM taralatara samuddiipra haara prataanam |
naanaavarNaprasuunaavali kisalayiniiM vanyamaalaaM vilOlallOlambaaM
lambamaanaamurasi tava tathaa bhaavaye ratnamaalaam || 6

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 07
 अङ्गे पञ्चाङ्गरागैरतिशयविकसत्सौरभाकृष्टलोकं
लीनानेकत्रिलोकीविततिमपि कृशां बिभ्रतं मध्यवल्लीम्
शक्राश्मन्यस्ततप्तोज्ज्वलकनकनिभं पीतचेलं दधानं
ध्यायामो दीप्तरश्मिस्फुटमणिरशनाकिङ्किणीमण्डितं त्वां ॥७॥

ange pa~nchaangaraagairatishaya vikasat saurabhaakR^iShTalOkaM
liinaaneka trilOkii vitatimapi kR^ishaaM bibhrataM madhyavalliim |
shakraashmanyasta taptOjvala kanakanibhaM piita chelaM dadhaanaM
dhyaayaamO diiptarashmi sphuTamaNirashanaa kinkiNii maNDitaM tvaam || 7

I meditate on your very pretty neck made red by the,
Radiating Kausthubha gem worn by you,,
And also on your chest made very pretty by the Sri Vathsa,
Where you have worn several moving gem studded necklaces,
And also garlands made of multi coloured forest flowers ,
As well as blossoms over which many bees hover round and round. 100.6
Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 08
 ऊरू चारू तवोरू घनमसृणरुचौ चित्तचोरौ रमाया:
विश्वक्षोभं विशङ्क्य ध्रुवमनिशमुभौ पीतचेलावृताङ्गौ
आनम्राणां पुरस्तान्न्यसनधृतसमस्तार्थपालीसमुद्ग-
च्छायं जानुद्वयं क्रमपृथुलमनोज्ञे जङ्घे निषेवे ॥८॥

uuruu chaaruu tavOruu ghanamasR^iNaruchau chittachOrau ramaayaaH
vishvakshObhaM vishankya dhruvamanishamubhau piita chelaavR^itaangau |
aanamraaNaaM purastaannyasana dhR^itasamastaartha paalii samudgachChaayaM
jaanudvayancha kramapR^ithula manOj~ne cha janghe niSheve || 8

I meditate on you who attracts ever one by the applied fragrances ,
Coming out of the five scented pastes which spreads everywhere,
Who sports a small waist though all the universes are lying there,
Who wears an yellow silk dazzling in its gold colour,
Over which are overlaid the blue sapphire stones,
And who wears the shining gem studded waist belt,
Decorated with tinkling bells emitting brilliant rays of light. 100.7

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 09
 मञ्जीरं मञ्जुनादैरिव पदभजनं श्रेय इत्यालपन्तं
पादाग्रं भ्रान्तिमज्जत्प्रणतजनमनोमन्दरोद्धारकूर्मम्
उत्तुङ्गाताम्रराजन्नखरहिमकरज्योत्स्नया चाऽश्रितानां
सन्तापध्वान्तहन्त्रीं ततिमनुकलये मङ्गलामङ्गुलीनाम् ॥९॥

ma~njiiraM ma~njunaadairiva padabhajanaM shreya ityaalapantaM
paadaagraM bhraanti majjat praNata jana manO mandarOddhaarakuurmam |
uttungaataamra raajannakhara himakara jyOtsnayaa chaashritaanaaM
santaapa dhvaanta hantriiM tatimanukalaye mangalaamanguliinaam || 9

I sing about your pretty well proportioned shining thighs,
Which are capable of stealing the mind of Lakshmi,
And are always covered by yellow silk , possibly,
Out of fear that the mind of world would get agitated,
And salute your two knees which appear as if ,
They are two pretty caskets , where all the things,
Which can be wished or demanded by your devotees ,
Who salute you are kept stored, and also salute,
Your fleshy well tapered and pretty forelegs. 100.8

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 09
 मञ्जीरं मञ्जुनादैरिव पदभजनं श्रेय इत्यालपन्तं
पादाग्रं भ्रान्तिमज्जत्प्रणतजनमनोमन्दरोद्धारकूर्मम्
उत्तुङ्गाताम्रराजन्नखरहिमकरज्योत्स्नया चाऽश्रितानां
सन्तापध्वान्तहन्त्रीं ततिमनुकलये मङ्गलामङ्गुलीनाम् ॥९॥

ma~njiiraM ma~njunaadairiva padabhajanaM shreya ityaalapantaM
paadaagraM bhraanti majjat praNata jana manO mandarOddhaarakuurmam |
uttungaataamra raajannakhara himakara jyOtsnayaa chaashritaanaaM
santaapa dhvaanta hantriiM tatimanukalaye mangalaamanguliinaam || 9

I meditate on your anklets which by the sweet noise it produces,
Seems to tell your devotees that singing about your feet would do good,
And the upper part of your feet which are like a tortoise ,
Which lifted the Mandara mountain lifts high,
The minds of the devotees who are getting drowned in illusion,
And also meditate on the auspicious rows of your toes,
Which have a raised middle and shine with light red colour,
And by the light of crescents on them removes,
The darkness of sorrow of your devotees and also does them good. 100.9

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 10
 योगीन्द्राणां त्वदङ्गेष्वधिकसुमधुरं मुक्तिभाजां निवासो
भक्तानां कामवर्षद्युतरुकिसलयं नाथ ते पादमूलम्
नित्यं चित्तस्थितं मे पवनपुरपते कृष्ण कारुण्यसिन्धो
हृत्वा निश्शेषतापान् प्रदिशतु परमानन्दसन्दोहलक्ष्मीम् ॥१०॥

yOgiindraaNaaM tvadangeShvadhikasumadhuraM mukti bhaajaaM nivaasO
bhaktaanaaM kaamavarSha dyutaru kisalayaM naatha te paadamuulam |
nityaM chittasthitaM me pavanapurapate kR^iShNa kaaruNyasindhO
hR^itvaa nishsheShataapaan pradishatu paramaananda sandOhalakshmiim || 10

Oh God, Oh Lord of Guruvayur , Oh Krishna, Oh ocean of mercy,
Let the soles of your feet which is the sweetest part of your body,
To the great sages, which is the place of those who attained salvation,
Which is the tender sprout of the wish giving tree that showers,
The fulfilment of all the wishes and desires of your devotees,
Be firmly kept in my mind so that all my sorrows are destroyed,
And confer on me the flood of prosperity of the Supreme bliss. 100.10

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 11
 अज्ञात्वा ते महत्वं यदिह निगदितं विश्वनाथ क्षमेथा:
स्तोत्रं चैतत्सहस्रोत्तरमधिकतरं त्वत्प्रसादाय भूयात्
द्वेधा नारायणीयं श्रुतिषु जनुषा स्तुत्यतावर्णनेन
स्फीतं लीलावतारैरिदमिह कुरुतामायुरारोग्यसौख्यम् ॥११॥

aj~naatvaa te mahattvaM yadiha nigaditaM vishvanaatha kshamethaaH
stOtraM chaitatsahasrOttaramadhikataraM tvatprasaadaaya bhuuyaat |
dvedhaa naaraayaNiiyaM shrutiShu cha januShaa stutyataa varNanena
sphiitaM liilaavataarairidamiha kurutaamaayuraarOgya saukhyam ||11

Oh Lord of the universe , please pardon me for writing this stotra,
Without knowing your greatness properly and this prayer,
Having more than one thousand stanzas should be blessed,
by you with all your grace as this which is called Narayaneeyam,
Is both about Narayana as well that which is written by Narayana,
And as Vedas tell that God is one who is known by his incarnation,
This prayer has been well fortified by the stories on incarnation of God,
May kindly grant a healthy pleasant long life. 100.11

Om Namo  BHagavathe  Vasudevaya

Om namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Nama

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dasakam 99 The prayer of the Vedas

Narayaneeyam Dasakam -99

Hear this Dasakam  99

Dasakam 99 The prayer of the Vedas

(Mst of the stanzas contain quotations from the Vedas.)

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 01
 विष्णोर्वीर्याणि को वा कथयतु धरणे: कश्च रेणून्मिमीते
यस्यैवाङ्घ्रित्रयेण त्रिजगदभिमितं मोदते पूर्णसम्पत्
योसौ विश्वानि धत्ते प्रियमिह परमं धाम तस्याभियायां
त्वद्भक्ता यत्र माद्यन्त्यमृतरसमरन्दस्य यत्र प्रवाह: ॥१॥

viShNOrviiryaaNi kO vaa kathayatu dharaNeH kashcha reNuunmimiite
yasyaivaanghritrayeNa trijagadabhimitaM mOdate puurNasampat |
yO(a)sau vishvaani dhatte priya miha paramaM dhaama tasyaabhiyaayaaM
tadbhaktaa yatra maadyantyamR^itarasamarandasya yatra pravaahaH || 1

Who will narrate the greatness of Lord Vishnu?
Who is there to count the atoms of the entire earth?
With which Vishnu’s feet this earth was measured and was filled with wealth?
Which Maha Vishnu wears all the earth?
This me who is here, should reach the place of Mahavishnu
Which is very great and is very dear to me as your devotees,
Enjoy divine bliss there and there is flow of nectar in that place. 99.1

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 02
आद्यायाशेषकर्त्रे प्रतिनिमिषनवीनाय भर्त्रे विभूते-
र्भक्तात्मा विष्णवे : प्रदिशति हविरादीनि यज्ञार्चनादौ
कृष्णाद्यं जन्म यो वा महदिह महतो वर्णयेत्सोऽयमेव
प्रीत: पूर्णो यशोभिस्त्वरितमभिसरेत् प्राप्यमन्ते पदं ते ॥२॥

aadyaayaasheShakartre pratinimiSha naviinaaya bhartre vibhuuteH
bhaktaatmaa viShNave yaH pradishati haviraadiini yaj~naarchanaadau |
kR^iShNaadyaM janma yO vaa mahadiha mahatO varNayetsO(a)yameva
priitaH puurNOyashObhistvaritam- abhisaret praapyamante padaM te || 2

That devotee ,who with devotion in his mind worships through
Yagas and worship by offering oblations in Homa,
That great Vishnu who existed much before the creation of the world,
Who created the world , who is new every moment of time,
And who rules over wealth or describes the great incarnation of Krishna,
Is the only one who would live with joy and fame and would reach,
At the end of life Vaikunta your place of residence speedily. 99.2

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 03

 हे स्तोतार: कवीन्द्रास्तमिह खलु यथा चेतयध्वे तथैव
व्यक्तं वेदस्य सारं प्रणुवत जननोपात्तलीलाकथाभि:
जानन्तश्चास्य नामान्यखिलसुखकराणीति सङ्कीर्तयध्वं
हे विष्णो कीर्तनाद्यैस्तव खलु महतस्तत्त्वबोधं भजेयम् ॥३॥

he stOtaaraH kaviindraastamiha khalu yathaa chetayadhve tathaiva
vyaktaM vedasya saaraM praNuvata jananOpaatta liilaakathaabhiH |
jaanantashchaasya naamaanyakhilasukhakaraaNiiti sankiirtayadhvaM
he viShNO kiirtanaadyaistava khalu mahatastattvabOdhaM bhajeyam || 3

Oh great poets, who write the poems of praise, please praise ,
Lord Vishnu who is the essence of Vedas ,as you understand him here,
By narrating clearly his story and exploits and also tell his names,
After understanding them as the ones which causes comfort to everyone,
And Oh Lord Vishnu , let me attain the wisdom of philosophy. 99.3

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 04
 विष्णो: कर्माणि सम्पश्यत मनसि सदा यै: धर्मानबध्नाद्
यानीन्द्रस्यैष भृत्य: प्रियसख इव व्यातनोत् क्षेमकारी
वीक्षन्ते योगसिद्धा: परपदमनिशं यस्य सम्यक्प्रकाशं
विप्रेन्द्रा जागरूका: कृतबहुनुतयो यच्च निर्भासयन्ते ॥४॥

viShNOH karmaaNi sampashyata manasi sadaa yaiH saH dharmaanabadhnaad
yaaniindrasyaiSha bhR^ityaH priyasakha iva cha vyaatanOt kshemakaarii |
iikshante yOgasiddhaaH parapadamanishaM yasya sanyak prakaashaM
viprendraa jaagaruukaaH kR^itabahunutayO yachcha nirbhaasayante ||4

Please meditate on those actions by which
That greatly effulgent Vishnu established the Dharma,
And also on his deeds for promoting welfare of Indra by becoming ,
His dear friend as well as his servant and on the great abode of his,
Which is constantly meditated and seen always by great sages,
And is described in detail by great Brahmins with enthusiasm,
In the great poems of praise composed by them . 99.4

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 05
 नो जातो जायमानोऽपि समधिगतस्त्वन्महिम्नोऽवसानं
देव श्रेयांसि विद्वान् प्रतिमुहुरपि ते नाम शंसामि विष्णो
तं त्वां संस्तौमि नानाविधनुतिवचनैरस्य लोकत्रयस्या-
प्यूर्ध्वं विभ्राजमाने विरचितवसतिं तत्र वैकुण्ठलोके ॥५॥

nO jaatOjaayamaanO(a)pi cha samadhigatastvanmahimnO(a)vasaanaM
deva shreyaamsi vidvaan pratimuhurapi te naama shamsaami viShNO |
taM tvaaM samstaumi naanaavidhanuti vachanairasya lOkatrayasyaapyuurdhvaM
vibhraajamaane virachitavasatiM tatra vaikuNThalOke || 5

Oh God Vishnu , all those who are already born and also those ,
Who are going to be born have not yet found the limit of your greatness,
And understanding their greatness , I again and again chant your names,
I also praise you with several prayers, you who live in Vaikunta,
Which is shining above all these three worlds. 99.5

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 06
 आप: सृष्ट्यादिजन्या: प्रथममयि विभो गर्भदेशे दधुस्त्वां
यत्र त्वय्येव जीवा जलशयन हरे सङ्गता ऐक्यमापन्
तस्याजस्य प्रभो ते विनिहितमभवत् पद्ममेकं हि नाभौ
दिक्पत्रं यत् किलाहु: कनकधरणिभृत् कर्णिकं लोकरूपम् ॥६॥

aapaH sR^iShTyaadi janyaaH prathamamayi vibhO garbhadeshe dadhustvaaM
yatra tvayyeva jiivaa jalashayana hare sangataa aikyamaapan |
tasyaajasya prabhO te vinihitamabhavat padmamekaM hi naabhau
dik patraM yatkilaahuH kanakadharaNibhR^itkarNikaM lOkaruupam || 6

Oh God, The water which was there at the start of creation,
Held first in its womb, you , the Narayana who sleeps on water,
And the individual souls joined together and merged with this form of yours,
Oh Lord, on the naval of yours who does not have any birth,
A lotus flower was born and that flower which had the directions as petals,
And Maha Meru mountain as its pericarp and it was called as world. 99.6

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 07
 हे लोका विष्णुरेतद्भुवनमजनयत्तन्न जानीथ यूयं
युष्माकं ह्यन्तरस्थं किमपि तदपरं विद्यते विष्णुरूपम्
नीहारप्रख्यमायापरिवृतमनसो मोहिता नामरूपै:
प्राणप्रीत्येकतृप्ताश्चरथ मखपरा हन्त नेच्छा मुकुन्दे ॥७॥

he lOkaa viShNuretad bhuvanamajanayattanna jaaniitha yuuyaM
yuShmaakaM hyantarasthaM kimapi tadaparaM vidyate viShNuruupam |
niihaara prakhya maayaa parivR^ita manasO mOhitaa naamaruupaiH
praaNapriityaikatR^iptaashcharatha makhaparaa hanta nechChaa mukunde || 7

Oh World , you do not know that this world was created by Lord Vishnu,
And also that within your heart there is another image of Vishnu,
And in spite of that fact you spend your time ,
With illusion covering your mind like a film of snow,
With thoroughly misunderstanding the names and forms,
With the mind and body satisfied with pleasure of senses,
And with interest in rituals like Yaga but with no interest in Vishnu. 99.7

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 08
मूर्ध्नामक्ष्णां पदानां वहसि खलु सहस्राणि सम्पूर्य विश्वं
तत्प्रोत्क्रम्यापि तिष्ठन् परिमितविवरे भासि चित्तान्तरेऽपि
भूतं भव्यं सर्वं परपुरुष भवान् किञ्च देहेन्द्रियादि-
ष्वाविष्टोऽप्युद्गतत्वादमृतसुखरसं चानुभुङ्क्षे त्वमेव ॥८॥

muurdhnaamakshNaaM padaanaaM vahasi khalu sahasraaNi sampuurya vishvaM
tat prOtkramyaapi tiShThan parimitavivare bhaasi chittaantare(a)pi|
bhuutaM bhavyaM cha sarvaM parapuruSha bhavaan ki~ncha dehendriyaadiShu
aaviShTO hyudgatatvaadamR^itamukharasaM chaanubhunkshe tvameva || 8

Oh Lord you have thousands of heads, eyes and feet,
And though you are everywhere in the world and also outside it,
You shine well even in the mind with a very small opening,
And Oh Lord who is the divine Purusha,
You are all that is past and all that is going to happen,
And not only that , though you are pervading in body and senses,
You are much above them and enjoy the supreme bliss of liberation 99.8

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 09
 यत्तु त्रैलोक्यरूपं दधदपि ततो निर्गतोऽनन्तशुद्ध-
ज्ञानात्मा वर्तसे त्वं तव खलु महिमा सोऽपि तावान् किमन्यत्
स्तोकस्ते भाग एवाखिलभुवनतया दृश्यते त्र्यंशकल्पं
भूयिष्ठं सान्द्रमोदात्मकमुपरि ततो भाति तस्मै नमस्ते ॥९॥

yattu trailOkyaruupaM dadhadapi cha tatO nirgataH anantashuddha
j~naanaatmaa vartase tvaM tava khalu mahimaa sO(a)pi taavaan kimanyat |
stOkaste bhaaga evaakhila bhuvanatayaa dR^ishyate tryamshakalpaM
bhuuyiShThaM saandramOdaatmakamupari tatO bhaati tasmai namaste || 9

Due to that reason by which , though you assume the form of the three worlds,
You exist outside it as the endless and purest knowledge ,
And your greatness is indeed wonderful for only a very small part of yourself,
Is seen occupying all the three worlds and the rest of it,
Which is nearly three fourth of the whole shines above the three worlds,
Oh Lord my salutations to you who is like that. 99.9

Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 10
 अव्यक्तं ते स्वरूपं दुरधिगमतमं तत्तु शुद्धैकसत्त्वं
व्यक्तं चाप्येतदेव स्फुटममृतरसाम्भोधिकल्लोलतुल्यम्
सर्वोत्कृष्टामभीष्टां तदिह गुणरसेनैव चित्तं हरन्तीं
मूर्तिं ते संश्रयेऽहं पवनपुरपते पाहि मां कृष्ण रोगात् ॥१०॥

avyaktaM te svaruupaM duradhigamatamaM tattu shuddhaikasattvaM
vyaktaM chaapyetadeva sphuTamamR^itarasaambhOdhi kallOlatulyam |
sarvOtkR^iShTaamabhiiShTaaM tadiha guNarasenaiva chittaM harantiiM
muurtiM te samshraye(a)haM pavanapurapate paahimaaM kR^iShNa rOgaat10

I find it difficult to understand that abstract form of yours which is not clear,
But find it very easy to comprehend that pure Sathva form of yours,
Which is equivalent to the waves of the great ocean of nectar,
And due to that greater than everything that I perceive here,
And very pleasant to my mind and I surrender to that form of yours,
Oh Lord of Guruvayur , Oh Krishna, please protect me quickly. 99.10