Friday, July 13, 2018

Hear or Read this Narayaneeyam Treasure to solve all your problems

Hear or Read  this  Narayaneeyam Treasure  to solve all  your problems

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The effect of hearing /reading different Daskams(Chapters) as mentioned in the Narayaneeyam book published by Giri Traders .Share it with your friends .When a person needs it  , copy the concerned  and send it to him by Whatsapp .Copy   and keep this treasure carefully 

Effect of hearing /reading  some dasakams  of Narayaneeyam

2 Would be respected in heaven . To  hear

15 Would reach the lotus like feet of Vishnu  To hear

16 Would get long life , Committed sins would be destroyed To hear

18 Would get victory, would be blessed with children To hear

22 Mind would not get attracted by bad actions  To hear

23 Would get rid of fear, sins would be destroyed To hear

26 Would get rid of sins , mind will be firm when dangers come  To hear

27. 28 Would be victorious in all jobs, would get great fame To hear

30,31 Would get rid of all sins, would get salvation  To hear

69 Would get great devotion, ignorance would be wiped out To hear

80 Sins would vanish, Gossip will not defame us To hear

87 Would get wealth, Would get detachment  To hear

89(Stanza 7-10) Would get salvation, problems would not occur to hear

100 Long life, happiness and health would result  To hear

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